Essential oil Lavender

Characterization of the biochemical profile:
esters (34% linalyl acetate, 5.4% lavandulus acetate, alcohol, 29.7% linalool)
Properties: sedative, balsamic, analgesic, cardiogenic, antiseptic, antidepressant, antipastic, antirheumatic, healing, calming, antitoxic, regulates the nervous system, diuretic, deodorant.
General information:
-can cause allergies and allergic reactions;
– joint joints;
-inflammation of nerves;
– brussitis and coughing;
-inflammation of muscles;
-creams, skin problems, dermatitis, eczema;
fainting, fainting;
-Despite insect bites, burns, remove baskets;
-Thanks for the formation of white blood cells;
– muscle muscles;
– varicose vein;
-applied on the scar is fantastic;
-cardiac embarrassment of nervous origin;
-relieves ears pain;
-migraine and cervical pain;
-urogenital disinfectant suitable for both men and women.
-depression, melancholy, fear;
-they were traveling;
-back and lumbar spines;
-a few drops on the pill favors sleep, eliminates stress;
-the use of water by the iron, vacuum cleaner and washing machine;
-used for the fragrance of the house.

Used in cosmetics: oils and body creams, moisturizing and toning.
Added to shampoo have the effect of strengthening and increasing hair.
Anti-roseing calming if added to body milk and toning.
Skin regeneration effect (100 ml shower gel or shower cream, 10 drops of essential oil)
Warnings and counter-indications:
it is not toxic, it is not irritating, it is not sensitive.
It’s a very safe and very pure oil.

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