About Us

We are an AGRICULTURAL FARM specialized in cultivating and distilling Lavender Vera (LAVANDULA AUGUSTIFOLIA-TRUE). Somewhere on the hills of Tutova, not far from Bacau, the lavender flowers are being picked with great care and respect for nature every summer and, following the distillation process, they produce an essential oil 100% pure and natural. The distillation takes place at low pressure in a current of steam, with distilled water, thus obtaining a precious lavender essence. Our purpose is to make sure we offer you nature’s best. We are an enthusiastic team, who is in love with nature, health and beauty. Our products are based on 100% natural ingredients, being manufactured in an artisanal laboratory in Italy, whose main activity is the preparation and distribution of products for pharmacies. LAVANDA STANI is always ready to answer your questions and respond to your suggestions, as we aim at improving our services and products constantly.


Products and Services

Living in a time when everybody is in a hurry, people often seem to lean toward synthetic medicines that promise a quick healing, ignoring the fact that nature can offer us the same healing, but without side effects. Because we are always busy, we forget that nature is our most valuable asset when it comes to health. We love nature and we have always dreamed of having a life surrounded by nature, for which reason one day we decided to create a lavender farm, through which we could share with you the benefits that nature has to offer.


Do you have a question or a tip? We are willing to help you and listen to any opinion.

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